Full Moon @ Loon - Glamping July 27-29th

Full Moon @ Loon - Glamping July 27-29th

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The wilderness offers us a space to be present with what is happening in our breath to breath experience, free from the constant distraction of our technological world. The presence and awareness that is fostered in this space supports a deeper connection with ourselves, each other and our sweet Mother Earth.

Please join us at one of our most favorite places, magical Loon Lake! Lets explore nature within us and outside of us. This annual retreat is an immersive wilderness yoga and mindfulness retreat.  Each day we will explore nature through our physical and mental yoga practice, a paddle experience under the sun and moon and with a curiosity and willingness to engage with challenge. Our wish is that you leave fully engaged in the moment and take this aliveness with you by infusing the rest of your life with the light of being present.

No prior yoga or paddle knowledge necessary. We are here to guide and teach you from our hearts. 

All inclusive retreat weekend includes

  • Cozy teepee accommodations
  • 5 healthy meals plus free range snacks
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Yoga on land and water
  • Hiking
  • Free time